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Autocaravanistas estrangeiros deliciam-se em portugal, e escrevem memorias de viagem

Leiam mais aqui, com referência aos campings ACSI utilizados

From Zafra we travelled into Portugal via Badajoz, fabulous fast and straight road with many storks on their nests. From there we headed due East, on the long drive past Lisbon to Cascais. I know Lisbon is worth a stop but we didn’t have time so skirted the not so pretty outskirts and headed for Guincho – nr to Cascais just west of Lisbon on the wild Atlantic coast.

Then risked life and limb on the most westerly point in Portugal at Cabo de Roca. Very wild and windy indeed and when we went full of Chinese tourists – but all men, with cameras and smiles of course.
From here we wound our way up and to Obidos. We stopped here on the way to the next camp site, it’s a medieval town surrounded by the castle walls, very pretty and worth a short stop. We had coffee and cakes in a small café after we had admired the view from the walk around the castle ramparts.
Then it was onto Nazarre – another one night stop on the way up the coast, staying just outside, not somewhere which looked that inviting, a bit touristy. ACSI 1416Our morning coffee and cake stop was at Alcobaca where we dodged a huge black rain cloud by seconds, but we managed to get some sunshine as we had our coffee and cakes in the amazing café which it would be rude not to stop at if you are passing through. The selection of cakes there was just mouthwatering.
Then it was onto Batalha where there is a UNESCO cathedral worthy of a stop – we looked around the Abbey before grabbing a bit of lunch.
From there we then made our way up to Playa de Mira, ACSI 1418, (the long way round due to Sean, our amazing Tomtom sat nav) where we then stopped for the night before heading onto La Nova where as met up with my cousin Huw and Carolyn for coffee and cakes – the cheapest on the trip and in the café next to the fish market – which incidentally you walk around at your own risk. We got hassled and nearly ended up buying a bucketful of eels!
Leaving La Nova we stopped briefly at Aveiro – but only long enough to take a couple of photos as it was raining quite a bit by then. It is on a few canals which makes it look like a little Venice and I can imagine that it would be stunning in better weather conditions.
From there we detourwed slightly to Santa Maria de Feria Castle - a really sweet little castle which has all the magic of the old days, even in the drizzle!
It was then up the coast again to Madalena, just south of Porto, ACSI 1417. Take note, do not attempt to drive around Porto in anything larger than a car, even with a Sat Nav it is a nightmare. We had several mishaps and finally found the site, and luckily the bus stop which enabled us to get into Porto the next day with ease and very cheap at 1.45
euros per person and is well worth the money – just make sure you sit facing forward and to the front as they swing it around the small streets rather fast
and you have to see it to believe it, not to mention keep your lunch down.
In Porto I admit we detoured in the morning to go to Ikea –and saw some great stork nests over the motorway. Richard and Kay were looking for a nest of tables which they can’t get in Spain, so we had breakfast in Ikea for 1 euro and a wander around but it seems they are discontinuing the tables. It was then back to the site and back to the bus stop to get into the area of Porto called Vila Nova de Gaia where in the pouring rain we visited the Calem and Ferriero Port lodges, unable to sup any more tastings as we were a bit squiffy by then, dinner was in a small restaurant on the harbour side as nothing else was open by that time, I’ll not name it as it wasn’t worth a repeat visit.
From Porto we moved inland to Almarante, hoping to get the narrow gauge train alone the valley, but we missed it. There was no
information at the train station but a local said the next one was in about 2 hrs time, so after a breakfast of tosti – very thick cut toast buttered on both sides, we decided to crack on with our journey.
From Almarante we then headed on out of Portugal and ended up at Salamanca for the night in a small campsite at Ruta de la Plata. It was a frosty night and although dry we were cold the following morning. It was bitterly cold and we had frost on the van for the first time, not to mention the frost on the inside of the windscreen – I didn’t sign up for frost when we moved to Spain!!!

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