terça-feira, abril 22, 2008

Blog Modestine, a inspiração de um casal autocaravanista de reformados britânicos

Notícias de outros Blogs,
de outros autocaravanistas,
de outros horizontes

Um casal de livreiros britânicos reformados conta as suas viagens, pela Europa:
Vale a pena ler os relatos sobre Assis, em Itália, e demais locais do mapa abaixo...sem esquecer as excelentes fotos.

o espírito dos autores é simplesmente este:

So if you are happy to travel with us from your computer chair, we are delighted to have you as travelling companions. We hope you will enjoy the trip.

E a razão do nome Modestine é bem explicada:

We purchased a second-hand tiny Romahome slightly earlier than expected when our faithful Volvo made that final journey from which no vehicle returns. We named our new travelling companion Modestine, after the faithful but sadly unloved donkey that accompanied the writer Robert Louis Stevenson on his journey through the Cevennes in 1878. Our metal Modestine, paradoxically received great affection from us and curious interest from so many of the people we were to meet during our journey.
We were warned by our children that we should not anthropomorphises an inanimate object as she wouldn't like it! We beg to differ. She appears to have developed a definite personality during our travels, patient and willing certainly, but with a skittish, flirtatious personality.

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