quinta-feira, novembro 13, 2008

Ecos dos 50 anos da Hymer na Alemanha

The array of activities marking Hymer’s 50th anniversary came to a spectacular climax with a three-day mega event taking place from 29th to 31st May 2008. Some 2,000 motorhomes and caravans with over 4,000 participants from 21 nations travelled to Upper Swabia to attend the closing extravaganza of the “50 years Hymer ” anniversary in Bad Waldsee and Friedrichshafen.

1,500 motorhomes were sited around the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen, while 500 (mainly) caravans camped at the Gitzenweiler Hof, Gohren and Wirthshof campsites. For two days and three nights Hymer presented a top-notch programme. During the day the guests had the opportunity to tour Europe’s most advanced manufacturing facilities for motorhomes and caravans in Bad Waldsee.

There were over 250 guided tours personally escorted exclusively by Hymer staff, giving the visitors insight into many details and background information concerning the production of leisure vehicles. In addition, the new Hymer sales branch and the Movera subsidiary for accessories met with great interest among the guests.These events were flanked by an attractive “mini exhibition” in Friedrichshafen. In one hall there was a display of Eriba caravans and Hymer motorhomes - past and present. Also exhibited were aircraft which marked the start to Erwin Hymer’s career.In another hall over 100 Hymer partners, accessories suppliers, campsites and other service providers presented their products and spectrum of services. Outdoors a professional safe driver training course was held.To give easy access to the line-up of daytime and evening events for all the guests, Hymer had organised an area-wide bus shuttle service between the campsites, the companies in Bad Waldsee and the exhibition centre.

Under the direction of Omnibus Müller in Bad Waldsee, over 40 buses from numerous regional bus tour operators were in service from 8 in the morning until 2 at night every day. The largest hall, A1, over 10,000 square metres in size, was the scene for culinary delights and a first-class light entertainment programme on the three evenings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On average over 5,000 persons including additionally invited guests were entertained every evening.To present the programme to this huge audience on the large stage with excellent sound and vision, over 20 kilometres of cable were laid, 72 loudspeakers were installed, four big screens were set up and over 800 spot lights were fitted by Maurer Veranstaltungstechnik, the provider of events technology.

The volume of electricity for this event amounted to approximately 550,000 watts. Five 40-tonne articulated lorries were needed for the technical equipment and 38 technicians were on site to see to its operation.The atmosphere was equally charged - with excitement - for the stage programme: the personal addresses by Erwin Hymer, the Managing Director Hans-Jürgen Burkert and Director Michael Tregner won great applause.

The light entertainment programme featuring many regional groups from Upper Swabia as well as concerts by Michael Holm and the “Stars in Concert” from Berlin also delighted the audience.The overall coordination of the event took over 18 months and was attended to exclusively by around 20 members of Hymer staff in cooperation with specialist service companies. A deluge of commendatory phone calls, e-mails and letters of thanks from the participants in these celebrations showcases once again: projects and products “made by Hymer” are in a class of their own.

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