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O autocaravanismo chega a Rússia...pela mão da Hymer?

Motor homes or trailers are still an unusual thing in Russia.
(200 Hymers já vendidas?)
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However, they may become more popular in Russia than in the USA and Europe. A trailer seems a simple way to find a roof over my head.
Vacations in Russia are overshadowed by the problem of searching a good hotel for a fair price. “Because of their small number Russian hotels are very expensive, which naturally does not conform to their service,” concluded spokeswoman for the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Turina in an interview.

Thus, motor homes may solve the problem of habitation during long-expected vacations. In the USA and Europe this transport is not just indispensable for wild tourism, but it is a mode of life – in the USA the poor live in such motor homes.

The idea of establishing an enterprise in Russia to produce such equipment seems to have been taken optimistically.

The pioneer was German Hymer AG. Directors of its offices in Russia are full of ambitions to gain the untapped Russian market of caravans and motor homes. Hymer’s Director General stated audaciously that the would-be enterprise will be able to sell 2,000 items of their equipment. It was audacious because this year the company has hardly sold about 200 items of the equipment in Russia.
Viktor Pashkov, Director of the Department of consulting, exhibitional and publicizing activities of the Joint Stock Company ASM, considers this enterprise to be very risky under the Russian conditions. Dúvidas sobre o sucesso das autocaravanas
According to him, “this development will cost too much. It is always difficult to start everything from scratch; moreover, Russians are not used to resting in motor homes. This type of vacations is more typical of Europeans and Americans. Such investments amount to tens of million dollars, that is why it is advisable to think it over first,” he said.
Risk is a noble deed, the ASM spokesman thinks. Moreover, Hymer AG spokesmen do not make great plans. Two thousand motor homes annually for the country of 150 million people is an acceptable figure. “Their goods might be a success. The market is practically free, welfare of the population is increasing and tourist aspiration is also great. I welcome any initiatives,” Pashkov said.
This is a way out, Irina Turina considers. A consumer does not have to buy such equipment. Renting out motor homes may also be profitable. Not only renters, but also travel agencies can make money: “If there are dealers ready to make a contract with travel agencies and rent this equipment out, that will be great. If the rent of caravans compares favourably with the price of a hotel suite, this business may develop in the future,” the spokeswoman of the Russian Union of Travel Industry believes.

Riscos de segurança e estradas insuficientes
According to her, the reason for low demand for motor homes in Russia is caused by insufficient supply. “The thing is that you can’t go far by car. While you are going one way, your vacations are over. Even if you are in Moscow, you cannot reach the Urals. Moreover, Russian roads are absolutely different from European and American roads. At best you can travel across your own or neighbouring region,” Turina said.
Taking into consideration all these reasons it must be difficult to develop tourism in motor homes in Russia. Eventually these journeys are dangerous. “We live in a wild country. We are not secure from all kinds of attacks and murders during long travels,” Viktor Pashkov concluded.

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