domingo, abril 06, 2008

Americanos em autocaravana pela Europa fora, em Itália

Itália, Pompeia
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História de aventuras de desventuras...por exemplo, as seguintes...
mas que no balanço final permitiram que estes viajantes informassem que valeu a pena a aventura!

azar na portagem
We also spend a night parked along a busy road, trying to ignore the barks and howls of packs of stray dogs. Just as they go silent and we think we might grab a little sleep, the roosters begin to crow. That was before the time we ran out of gas, but after the time we became trapped behind the automatic gate because the machine at a highway toll gate refused to take my ticket and the attendant refused to answer the help bell in person but kept yelling through an intercom, in Italian, in an increasingly angry voice. (Eventually the machine sucked in my credit card and popped out what seems to be a fine of nearly $100.)
azar nas manobras no camping
I have driven narrow roads for three days and have backed up through stone entranceways only inches wider than my van without so much as a scratch. Now, in a camping area with wide-open spaces, I back up directly into a tree. The sounds of shattered glass and crumpled metal make my heart stop. The back window is now a big hole surrounded by shards. I try to open the damaged trunk with the key I've been using for both trunk and ignition, and the key jams in the lock.
azar na escolha do restaurante
Take, for example, our dinner in Rome. My daughter had a bowl of soup in an ordinary neighborhood restaurant, her friend had a salad and I had an entree; we ordered no drinks except a shared bottle of water, no appetizers, no dessert. The bill: $79, including a $14 charge for the bread that automatically arrived on the table.

(por do sol em Pompeia)

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