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Bibliografia sobre autocaravanismo para ler nas férias (em inglês)

Critica de um leitor de Europe in a Motorhome

Enjoy a travel enjoy this Book On reading this book and have found it both funny and imformative. The things that happened where both interesting and frightening. How many of us would up sticks and take a 13 year old boy on a trip like this but they had the courage and the trust that they would come through this trip with a better idea on how they work as a family. In reading about the sights and places you could picture yourself in their shoes and wish you where there. I highly recommend you to read and maybe do the same thing.

Editorial Reviews: How katie pulled Boris
Synopsis Keith's wife Gail is looking forward to travelling the world and staying in comfortable hotels when Keith takes early retirement from his high-pressure job. But he has a shock in store for her. He unexpectedly decides to buy a huge American Winnebago-type motorhome (RV), tow a car behind to 'so they can bugger off for months on end around Europe'. Their only experience a brief episode 30 years earlier, when their VW pop-top blew up on a remote mountain road. Gail reveals her fear that anything mechanical will always breakdown and is aghast 'You want to do what?' How Katie Pulled Boris follows them as they search for an RV, encounter dodgy dealers, nearly buy illegal RVs then with only one weekend's experience set off on their six months 3,800-mile journey with their RV (Katie) towing their car (Boris) through France and Spain. As they try to come to terms with travelling in such a monster there is a continuum of hilarious scrapes often involving narrow entrances, dangling fairy lights, toilet waste or the police, along with acute and hilarious observations on fellow campers, the camping lifestyle, the countries and their people.If you've ever wondered what it may be like to do the European tour in an RV, motorhome or caravan How Katie Pulled Boris may encourage or, cure you. Safe in your armchair it will entertain you.

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