terça-feira, maio 06, 2008

Valerá a pena alugar uma autocaravana em Inglaterra?

Com voos low cost para Inglaterra....e depois alugar por lá uma autocaravana, será solução de férias?

Motorhome and Campervan - Homes on Wheels
modelos: Autoroller capucine, Carioca perfilada.
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At FreeLine motorhomes, we provide high quality customer service, from the time of booking your motorhome or a campervan, to the last day of your journey. We have motorhome hire and campervan hire services that keep the customers in mind - their needs and their finances, and we will offer discounts for longer periods of hire.Motorhome hire and campervan hire is becoming ever more popular. They effectively substitute for a home. In other words, they carry the basic necessities, like television, fridge and shower etc, and enough storage space to match whatever trip you may have in mind. They also come in various sizes that can cater for one or two people touring, right up to larger motorhomes that will seat and sleep up to seven. We can offer you a motorhome to suit whatever your needs.So, if you are looking at motorhome hire or campervan hire for a holiday trip, then there is no need to look beyond us. Contact us today, for an affordable quote and a holiday that you're in control of.

Why choose FreeLine...?
Dedicated and committed, we believe we offer a 1st class service that is unrivalled. From the early stages of your booking right through to the final day of your vacation our customer services team will be at your disposal 24/7. We will assist you with any planning, finding campsites, ferry crossings etc or help with any aspect of your holiday you may require.
Are we competitive...?In a word, 'Yes', we are a highly motivated and competitive company and with constant monitoring and awareness of the hire market we are able to offer our customers the best deal possible without compromise.We are flexible too, for those looking for an extended vacation or longer periods of hire, discounts are available. Please contact our customer services for further details on motorhome hire.

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