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Mais fotos de autocaravanas, mais artigos sobre autocaravanas

Casal de reformados americanos
explica o porquê das vantagens do autocaravanismo na Europa !

Mais fotos de autocaravanas, mais artigos sobre autocaravanas....
(como os leitores parecem querer...)

Mais um casal de americanos a fazer autocaravanismo na Europa e a explicar porquê ![
Behind the wheel

In some ways, traveling with an RV in Europe is better than doing it in the United States: Nearly every European city has a campground in it or quite close by. We drive into the campground, park our RV and then take buses to the tourist area.We shop in the supermarkets that the locals use and, frankly, that's often more fun than viewing the tourist sights. If we find an open-air market, we can buy our food there because we have our own kitchen. Delicious!

This way of traveling allows you to go at your own pace, with no set itinerary. We go to places that sound interesting. If we want to stay in a city three days or seven, we can do it with no problems. If we are tired, we can stay "at home" and read or sleep.We normally travel in Europe for three months.

This is for economic reasons:You'd be lucky to find even two-star hotel rooms in Europe for $100 a night, but even at that rate, just the lodging for a 90-day stay would cost a minimum of $9,000.Shipping our 21.5-foot RV in 2008 will cost approximately $3,000 each way. Campgrounds cost $25-$30 per night.

Adding the shipping and camping costs roughly equals the cost of three months of hotel rooms — but now you also have your "rental car'' and a home that allows you to save real money by eating in a restaurant only when you want to.Though the cost of gasoline in Europe is frightening, distances between cities are so short that the total cost of fuel is manageable. The declining value of the dollar against the euro means the trip costs more, but it is still the least expensive way to go.

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