terça-feira, maio 27, 2008

Checklist para autocaravanistas....(em inglês)

lembretes para ter sempre a mão e evitar esquecimentos!
Special Price of £9.99 inclusive of post and packing

A Fully laminated, continual use Motorhome Checklist for every occcasion. Never forget anything ever again. Every Motorhomer can benefit from a good checklist. Some of the most experienced among us use then all the time. A good checklist will ensure you never forget to pack important items, or neglect to perform an essential motorhome task. Temas incluidos:
Comprehensive Motorhome Health Check Lists
Inventory Inside and Out, Remember everything!
Campsite Arrival Checklist
Campsite Departure Checklist
Pre-Delivery Internal & External Checklists
30 point Winterising/Decommisioning Re-Comissioning
Pre-Foreign Travel Checklist
First Aid and First Aid kits Child's
First Aid Kit
What to do at the scene of an Accident Checklist
Annual Habitation Checks
Insurance Information Collection
Pets Checklist
Packing for Children
Getting There Safely
Recognising fatigue

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