terça-feira, maio 13, 2008

Reformados americanos de autocaravana e a...trabalhar

Veja estes conselhos:
1) reforme-se
2) compre uma autocaravana e viaje pelos EUA
3) e trabalhe na AC...e seja financeiramente independente
para saber mais veja o blog:

Dave’s suggestion? In the words of another famous song of my era, (Percy Mayfield, made famous by Ray Charles), "Hit the Road, Jack". If I had to live in the US right now, I’d give very strong consideration to visiting someone like Cruise America and buying, as a real bargain, a small motor home. here’s the stats on just one of their offerings:~

Comparable New Price: $83,711
Prices Starting from $24,995 Payments as low as $234/mo*
$234 a month?
You can’t rent a clapped out, freezing in the winter, roasting in the summer trailer house for that. And when it’s cold, go down to Big Bend Texas and stay until it gets hot enough to make you want air conditioning in the Spring, then move north along with the sun. Stay at a "campground host" site in Montana in the Summer and follow the changing colors down through Georgia and into Florida when the Winter comes calling again.
When you’re tired of living in something this small, you can sell it for what you paid or more (hold the note if you want to) and, if you read this blog and others that teach you how to make a living online, you should have a nice nest egg put away for the next phase of your empowered retirement.
Go now, for free, and join my friend Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project and learn how to set up your online business as a business. If you use this motorhome as part of your business, such as actively blogging about your travels, making honest good faith efforts to make money with your motor home activities, and (of course) paying the legally required taxes you can make the whole operation tax deductible … find a tax advisor who thinks outside the box, I am not qualified to give tax advice, only to blog and make money about it. (and yes, before you sic the IRS on me, I did pay taxes, everything is on the Schedule C, all neat and tidy and on the up and up. ;-))
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