quarta-feira, maio 28, 2008

ESCANDINAVIA...antes de ir compre o cartão de campings...

Noruega, Dinamarca, Finlândia e Suécia !
Camping Card Scandinavia(CCS), packed with unique discounts and special offers, allows you to stay at Norways 250 Reiseliv affiliated campsites.
Order or change adress for Camping Card Scandinavia.
SPECIAL CCS OFFERS Camping Card Scandinavia is packed witg benefit, unique discounts and special offers from companies that want to enrich your holiday life further.
Read about the offers here.
para o guia de campings da Noruega, download aqui:
What does it cost? Camping Card Scandinavia is free, but must be validated with an annual sticker. The sticker is available from all businesses listed in the Norwegian Camping Guide. You are not required to check in in order to purchase it.
The validity sticker for this year costs NOK 120 (coroas Norueguesas) and is valid until 31 December 2008, but it is only sold until 1 September. After this date you may purchase next year’s sticker which will also be valid up to the end of the year.

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