sábado, maio 10, 2008

travessia a borla de caravanas entre Cherbourg e Portsmouth...

Caravans Go FREE - Portsmouth-Cherbourg

A touch of sun and we all go holiday-crazy...If you're looking for cheap ways to hop over the Channel, look no further. Travel on the Condor Ferries Clipper service from Portsmouth to Cherbourg and you'll find our prices start at £103 each way.
Caravans travel FREE OF CHARGE.
The service operates on Sundays only between 25th May and 7th September and offers extraordinary value for money.
The Condor Ferries Clipper is a conventional ferry well suited to carrying motorhomes and caravans. The weekly service (Sundays only) travels out from Portsmouth at 09:30 and arrives in Cherbourg at 16:00 local time. The return crossing leaves Cherbourg at 17:00 and arrives at 21:00 local time. In our opinion, very civilised sailing times at very low prices.
Nota: esta promoção serve especialmente a quem se ecnontre em Inglaterra e nao se aplica a autocaravanas.
What is classed as a motorhome?
A motorhome is defined as a vehicle with integral sleeping/living quarters within the same chassis. Motorhomes can be up to 6.5 metres long but less than 3.1 metres high.
Call us on 01580 214000 for availability and prices - but don't wait too long!
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