terça-feira, julho 28, 2009

Fiat Ducato domina 2/3 do mercado de motores de autocaravanas na Europa

(vencedor do prémio pelo III ano consecutivo)

The Italian Fiat Ducato has just taken the coveted Which Motorcaravan Base Vehicle winner’s accolade for the third year running.
Along with the awards from the United Kingdom-based magazine, the success of the design is reflected in the marketplace - two out of every three motorhomes in Europe are built on the Fiat Ducato base and there are more than 400,000 Fiat Ducato motorhomes on the road in Europe alone.
The Trakka Trakkaway 830, shown (foto) , is one of the latest motorhomes to be based on the Fiat Ducato base vehicle. The Fiat Ducato, according to the magazine, has also transferred its success to Australia, providing vehicles for the eight Australian motorhome companies.
The Fiat Ducato base vehicle was designed specifically for the motorhome market and this year’s award presented by the United Kingdom’s Which Motorcaravan magazine recognizes the added benefits offered by Fiat’s six-speed automated manual MTA gearbox which it says provides the economy and performance of a manual and the ease of use of an automatic. The chassis versions come in a range of lengths and heights with different axles and construction materials to suit a range of designs. The entire drivetrain is contained to the front of the vehicle with the fuel tank ahead of the load area. This means equipment that has to be inside other conversions can be placed under the floor, freeing up living space, and that floor is lower, improving ease of access.
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