quarta-feira, julho 29, 2009

caravanismo de luxo, novos modelos de caravanas para os emiratos arabes....

40.000 euros?
MINI Cooper S Clubman and Airstream creation designed by Republic of Fritz Hansen. Courtesy BMW group
As new technology has encouraged – nay dictated – that we increasingly live our lives on the move, with phones, computers and entertainment systems taking the concept of “mobile” to design’s cutting edge, it seems odd that mobile living in its basic form – a home on wheels – has never registered on the cool radar.
al Shaikh’s Relax RV Camping ground will open within weeks among the dunes of Ras al Khaimah. “It will be a camping experience like no other in the region,” he claims. “Although our visitors will enjoy luxury accommodation, it will still enable them to get a true impression of desert life.”

Guests will be able to stay in the static campground or head out on their own or with a driver to experience mobile living in splendid isolation. “I expect many of our visitors to be local families who want to make the most of the desert but don’t want to give up their comfort to do so,” says al Shaikh.

While the interior styling is traditional, the specification is anything but. In the largest of the Coachmen RVs comforts include air conditioning specially modified for the summer heat, a separate double bedroom, power shower, flat-screen TV and a full-sized refrigerator. Not to mention a main living area that expands a full metre in width when the trailer is parked. “People have had enough of five-star hotels,” al Shaikh explains. “Here they will feel they have experienced something new in life – learn about Bedouin food and the plants, trees and animals of the desert – knowledge that our young people know little of.” Al Shaikh’s RVs may not have the futuristic lines of Deam’s architectural interiors but their integration into such a traditional aspect of Emirati life has arrived at an interesting point in the history of mobile living.

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