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Um sonho Americano comum: Visitar a Europa em Autocaravana

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1) My dream - Tour Europe in a motorhome.

The very first time I have dreamt of traveling around in RV’s or motorhomes was after I watched the Children’s Television Series of the 80’s, Charlie Chalk. In the series, the main character was Charlie the clown who lived on an Island. He had a home that looked like a caravan or motorhome. That was when I was around 6 or 7.

Ever since that time I always wanted to go to places in a motorhome. Now that we are in Europe, we have planned to travel around this continent before we head back to Asia or some other part of the world. We have decided that to travel by car would be more adventurous, and convenient. However, our problem would be the accommodation. The traveling wouldn’t cost much but the accommodation would. Especially when we go about as a family.

That was when I thought of an RV. Imagine taking the comfort of your very home along with you on the road. Too tired to drive on? Just pull over at a “Resting area” by the highway, and have a rest on a real comfortable bed.

Have you ever found yourself desperately in need to find for a wc ? And you couldn’t find one for miles? One of these would have been darn convenient then. A wc in an RV.

Save even more by cooking your own food. Fresh home cooked food where ever you go. Here is a cute kitchen where you can cook delicious food the way you like it.

With all these advantage in mind, yes I really do hope one day we would be able to tour in an RV. There is one website of one of Europe’s biggest dealers of American motorhomes since the 70’s. Travelworldrv.co.uk. They sure have a huge variety of new and used RV’s and motorhomes. So I have been browsing the website and found that some of the motorhomes are very luxurious. Not only it looks like a home but some even look like you are driving a hotel room along with you.
Sure do hope that our plan to tour some parts of Europe would materialize within this few years time.

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Well if I owned an RV I would like to tour most of the world. I would start in Europe with countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece to experience each capital city and the other attractions on offer also to experience each unique culture. Then I would move onto Egypt to see the Pyramids and Sphinx. I would definitely have to visit Israel for it's historic religious values.
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