domingo, junho 15, 2008

Guia Alan Rodgers de Camping a distancia de um click

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do Guia Rogers:

A borla mesmo: guia camping e de locais para autocaravanas na europa click here (2.76Mb) uma amostra temporária (atenção) e a pagar tem o GUIA COMPLETO...
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Expert in camping
Preparing for your
campsite holiday
18 European countries (muitos com varios endereços disponiveis)
to Europe
Travel advice and information

Preparing for your holiday is all part of the fun. But life is easier when you have some helpful advice along the way. We have many years of first-hand experience and we have learned that the one constant is that things do change. This Alan Rogers Travelling To Europe e-guide is FREE, just for a week or so.
Over 54 pages, it includes region-by-region information on most areas and features advice on money, documentation, pets and driving laws. It also includes basic advice for First Timers and contains 15 pages detailing useful stopover campsites near the major ports. Of course, we do not pretend that it is exhaustive nor that it will all be new to every reader. But take from it what you will, check out the holiday ideas below and enjoy the summer months. Bon Voyage!

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