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RV and Car Camping Vacations in Europe:
RV and Car Camping Tours to Europe's Top Vacation Destinations
by Mike and Terri Church
6" by 9" Paperback320 pages, over 150 mapsISBN 0-9652968-9-X$ 16.95
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People from North America love to visit Europe on their vacations. One great way to travel in Europe is by RV or car, spending the night in convenient and inexpensive campgrounds. It's a way to travel inexpensively and get off the beaten tourist trail. It's also a great way to meet Europeans. Many of them travel the same way!
Most of us lead busy lives with little time to spend on planning an unusual vacation trip. With this book a camping vacation in Europe is easy.
It tells you how to arrange a rental RV or car from home.
When to go and what to take with you.
It explains the process of picking up the rental vehicle and turning it back in when you're ready to head for home.
There's also information about shopping, driving, roads, and other things that you should know about before you arrive.
Then it describes a series of tours, each taking from a week to two weeks. The ten tours cover much of Western Europe and even the capitals of Central European countries. The book has details about the routes and roads, the campgrounds to use while visiting each destination, and what to see and do while you are there.

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