sexta-feira, junho 27, 2008

crise e alta de combustiveis desanima americanos

Está na altura de os americanos abandonarem os seus enormes Recreation vehicles (RV
e adoptaram autocaravanas de tipo europeu
isto, se quiserem continuar a fazer autocaravanismo

Com o preço de cerca de 1USd/litro de gasolina, os americanos arrancam o cabelo, que diriam com a gasolina a mais de 1,5€ como já está na Europa e com tendencia a agravar-se?

Consider filling up a 75-gallon RV at more than $4 a gallon. That comes out to more than $300, and that is the very reason one man is selling his RV. It is an RV that was once his dream to own. "I've always wanted one of these," says Carl Knapp.
Knapp and his wife have owned their dream rig for five years, and for four months at a time, the Knapps have made their Winnebago their home as they travel south for the winter. But after all the warm winters and square dancing competitions around the state, Knapp says he has no other choice but to sell.
"Four dollars a gallon, you can't afford to run it," he says. "You can't afford to run these things when youre retired." Filling up the huge tank is completely out of the question for the Knapps, and they aren't alone. About 36 motorhomes or fifth-wheel trailers have been posted on Craigslist since Monday, and that's just in the Spokane area. Hundreds over others have been listed in the past month.
No one has called Knapp since he first listed the RV on Craigslist in February. The 36-foot Winnebago will sit in Knapp's driveway until that phone rings.
"Getting our age, you gotta start thinking about staying home more." Knapp says.
The slump in RV sales is also hitting dealerships. RVs Northwest says they are doing alright, but overall sales are down 25 percent for the year. Alcorn's Traveland said this is the worst year they can remember.

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