terça-feira, agosto 05, 2008

França a capital do autocaravanismo na Europa...

Pelo menos é a opinião escrita no Blog inglês

o fascínio pela França começou logo no preço da travessia de DOVER para Pas de Calais: ora veja-se:

Sea France quoted us £114.00; P&O quoted us £104.00 & Norfolk Line a staggering £148.00.
Just out side the port we had noticed an office offering discounted channel crossings.
We drove to their office & after enquiring what available crossings there were that day, we were booked on the Sea France 16.25 ferry at the cost of just £47.50p for a one way ticket.

Depois, a pequena vantagem do preço do diesel:

But first of all we need some diesel. So after a little drive around we found an Esso garage where we filled up our tank with 50 litres of diesel for €73.95 @ €1.47 which equals £61.37p @ £1.22p litre. So our 1st fill up in France was a bit cheaper than the UK, but not a great saving.

O grande atractivo do sistema France Passion (pernoita em casas agricolas)



e finalmente a sedução dos parkings gratuitos acessiveis a autocaravanas:

Parking was FREE – yes FREE, no parking charges & everywhere we had been through all had places for Motorhomes to stop & park up.
We could now begin to see why France was probably the motorhome capital of Europe.

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