quinta-feira, julho 10, 2008

autocaravanismo na Africa do Sul já com Revista...

Africa do Sul,
também começa com o autocaravanismo

Media24's Afrikaans tow- and camping magazine is now being published every two months. WegSleep, which started out as a supplement to Weg, became an independent quarterly magazine for the first time in January 2007.

“The key factor with WegSleep is its huge appeal amongst its readers,” says Zigi Ekron, WegSleep's editor. “The magazine is literally the topic of daily discussion amongst many of its readers.“We know exactly what their requirements are. In spite of a strained economy and high fuel prices, they are a community that are determined to have their holidays - now they may only travel shorter distances.”

WegSleep focuses on value for money, affordable camping sites and wise tips for readers, as well as the latest in camping and towing equipment. According to Ekron the towing community is larger than some may believe. “There are more than 100 000 registered caravans in South Africa, plus there is a bush caravan- and tow market that is growing fast.

An important new phenomenon that is catching on in South Africa is the travel home, or motorhome. Manufacturers are also preparing for an increase in tourists expected for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Travelling in a motorhome is particularly popular in Europe and it appears that this tendency is gaining ground in South Africa.”Although audited figures are only expected in August, preliminary figures indicated sales of 23 000 for its first edition. This quickly grew to an average of 31 000 per edition - allegedly the most for any towing magazine in South Africa and approximately 10 000 more than it closest rival.

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